Providing the long-overdue support to African Businesses.

Scientists and Researchers have, for long, faced lack of proper and reasonable funding, scarcity of mentors, lack of technical equipment, and more. Tungsten Global Consulting, Inc. is here to solve these problems and position our partners as leaders in their fields.

Thanks to our strategic financial partners, TGC has secured $3.5 million dedicated to the acquisition of quality research equipment.

We are ready to provide support for Bio-research, Geo-Science, Environmental and Water Quality research with the unique goal of improving the lives of communities in the Sub-Saharan African Region.

TGC is on a mission to support African Businesses access the American complex market with serenity. We help our partners go far, grow bigger and safer.

Tungsten Global Consulting, Inc. (TGC) thrives in providing international consulting services in

  1. Import/Export of agricultural products,
  2. High-Tech and Information Technology for laboratories and research centers,
  3. Human and
  4. Financial Capital Development for companies looking to grow worldwide.

We envision to be a leader in building bridges between West-African emerging markets and North American partners.

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We collaborate with our clients to define a strategy-based approach to their projects. We conduct in-depth analysis of the market, assess manage and mitigate all risks to ensure growth and profit.

In the nutshell, our partners’ satisfaction is our mission. Just contact us at info@consulttgc.com to get started.

Want to joint our team?

You will be part of a solution-based service worldwide.

Contact us at tgc@consulttgc.com

How do we succeed?

Measurable results!

Because success is measured, we determine and build key performance indicators (KPIs) with our clients to reach each goal. Most importantly, We adapt our processes and procedures to meet our client’s needs.

Local and global needs

Thanks to the trajectory, efficiency and close relationship of the members of the TGC, we provide personalized advice and solutions at local and international levels.

“Our organization offers a wide range of services that revolve around consulting and management”

Tungsten Global Consulting, Inc. (TGC)