How we proceed


Run ideation workshops

Our brainstorming sessions feature a panel of creatives who discuss, analyze, and contend to formulate winning strategies and ideas for goal achievement


Build business models

TGC and its partners collaborate on sustainable and competition-proof business models bound to thrive even in the toughest of conditions


Design Open Innovation

We design a fully integrative mechanism for open innovations that pave the way for limitless benefits within the realm of technology


Finance your projects

We help our partners turn their ideas into reality by providing end-to-end funding solutions that ensure their success


Manage Collaborative

We offer our industry-leading expertise throughout every step of the process to help our partners overcome rebuttals and seize the right opportunities


Boost your skills

TGC professionals lend a helping hand to your employees and leaders through viable advice and recommend better ways for goal achievement



Our goal is to keep a two-way line of communication open at all times so we can expand our network, connect you with the right people and make the most of your goals