Tungsten Global Consulting has been redefining the industry for almost two decades

We were set up in 2013 with our founder/s’ single-minded goal to help African organizations rebuild the community across the tangent. Our efforts are dedicated to improving everything from healthcare to employability. To achieve these benchmarks, we actively deploy and leverage a technology-first approach that ensures sustainability and economic growth hand in hand.







Success stories


TGC assisted Institute Pasteur in their quest to purchase a Real-Time PCR machine utilized for a genomic sequencing project to find a solution for the Ebola outbreak. Years later, our collaboration has had various fruitful benefits. In that, Institute Pasteur has been at the forefront, spearheading research and diagnostic services in the Covid-19 crisis.


We have assisted hard-working farmers by extending their access to cheap and superior quality products that enhance their efforts on the field. By working with AGRODI in Burkina Faso, our experts played a prominent role in introducing more resilience to the agricultural sector. This is in addition to our work for the Saphir Development, whereby, TGC agro-engineers were deployed to end and reduce the disastrous implications of famine in developing nations.

Scientific Research

We are the proud partners of Enval Laboratories in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire and Brazzaville, Congo republic. In that, our contributions have helped the company lead and conduct physico-chemical as well as microbiological analysis in West Africa.

Housing and Urban Development

Our experienced team continues to collaborate with the District of Bas-Sassandra in the Ivory Coast for the development of lands and housing projects to accommodate the growing needs of the populous.

Education and Human Capital Development

We firmly believe that education and awareness hold the power to bring about positive change. Verily, our partners are immersed in programs that help African universities build better curriculums, foster employable skills at school and initiate modern-day training for Cloud Computing, Project Management, and Leadership programs for the people.