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The world thrives on systemic scientific discoveries without which advancement and problem resolution would be near impossible. Needless to say, research is a big part of it. Unfortunately, many African research entities and laboratories, if not all, go largely under-funded and riddled with massive impediments. Additionally, there often is a lack of technical equipment and monetary incentives for mentors. This list can go on. At Tungsten Global Consulting, we recognize the urgency and thrive on crafting unique solutions to each problem. Our goal is to offer viable results through strategic partnerships by deploying the right leaders and tools in the field.

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We offer

  1. Import/Export of agricultural products,
  2. High-Tech and Information Technology for laboratories and research centers,
  3. Human and Financial Capital Development for companies looking to grow worldwide.

What sets us apart ?

There’s substance to our claims

We provide measurable results that substantiate the success of our efforts.

Meeting the needs of our people

We ensure that all local and global needs are met through interactive relationships between company members.

Thriving science = Healthy Communities

Our top priority is to impact the lives of communities through a carefully devised an integrated plan to invest in and support advanced researches.

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Time is money which means that the longer you wait to tap into the global revolution, the more resources you waste! At TGC, we are dedicated to helping our clients reap maximum benefits from our service. With a holistic strategy and a wholly personalized approach, our experts ensure project success from start to finish. By evaluating the markets in detail, assessing potential risks, coming up with contingencies, and mitigating dangers, we nurture business growth and expand your bottom line. So, get in touch with us, and let’s start your journey without further do.

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As international partnerships become key more valuable with the Covid-19, Tungsten Global Consulting, Inc. is here to transform the African region into a dominant market player. We connect local businesses with the right agencies, individuals, and entities within the North American market for exponential success. Working with us will open your doors to limitless success.

Most people miss great opportunities because of their misperception of time. Don’t wait! The time will never be just right.

Stephen C. Hogan